First Choice Partners at Birth

Some mothers struggle to find appropriate care for their children during labour. At Partners at birth we believe a mothers’ choice on who they want supporting them during this time should be made without restriction.

It is these concerns that are directly addressed by Partners at Birth through service provision and is also why we have made it our mission to raise awareness on the access mothers have to first choice partners and the implications this has on anxiety during pregnancy.


Can I help with raising awareness on mothers’ access to first choice partners?

Yes. Partners at Birth welcome the opportunity to raise awareness alongside other like-minded people and organisations. Please contact us at your convenience.

Can I donate to Partners at Birth?

Partners at Birth is a private company and we will look to use all funds raised to better support mothers during their birthing experience.

Can I be kept up to date with your work around first choice Partners at Birth?

We would love to keep you updated with the work we are doing around this. If you want to stay up to date with our progress, please let u know through the contact us page.