Anxiety Awareness

There’s an increased chance of women experiencing a decline in mental health during pregnancy. Women may feel more vulnerable and anxious, and some may develop depression.

As a childcare management provision founded to support pregnant mothers, it’s our mission to be knowledgeable of pregnancy related anxiety and offer support along the way.


What support do you offer if I'm suffering from anxiety?

Our aim is to provide reassurance and support so you don’t feel as if you’re going through this process alone. If required, we will make sure you can access the medical help you need.

Is there a fee for your anxiety support services?

No. We believe that every woman should experience a stress-free birth and we strive to ensure this happens.

Are you able to speak with medical professionals on my behalf?

We always follow patient confidentiality guidelines but can speak with medical staff where circumstances allow.

How can I access more anxiety related information?

We are always available to answer questions and discuss your individual requirements.