who are Partners at birth?

Partners at Birth was formed out of a need to provide childcare cover for pregnant mothers during labour. Our mission is to ensure you have your first-choice partner (e.g. partner, family member, friend) by your side through your birthing experience.

In addition, we realise that not having this can cause a build-up of anxiety and have a negative impact on your pregnancy. All Partners at Birth Childcare Managers have an awareness of anxiety during pregnancy and have undergone training in this area.

We strive to provide holistic support for families alongside health services and independent organisations.

Kraig gaynor


Kraig is the founder of Partners at Birth and is responsible for the management and delivery of our services.

Kraig is a married father of four young children who is passionate about the development and welfare of children and young people. Kraig’s professional experience consists of a 12 year career in youth and support work, consolidated by a Bachelor’s Degree in Youth Work and a Master’s Degree in Management and Entrepreneurship. Having worked with and alongside statutory services, Kraig’s experience in delivering support services to families is invaluable.

Senior Management


Kraig is supported by two consultants who each possess more than 20 years of experience in working with children, young people and families.

Currently working as a Children’s Residential Manager, Sarida Jarrett has been working with children and young people for 20 years. Sarida is passionate about and is dedicated to ensuring children and young people are afforded the best opportunities in life. Sarida consults on practice relating to young people and engaging those who are ‘harder to reach’ in particular.

Patricia Gayle brings a wealth of experience to the team. As a primary school teacher for 20 years, academic progression and achievement in the earlier years is embedded in her practice. Patricia consults on best practices around engaging children, especially in relation to their educational development.

Our Team

Kraig Gaynor

Kraig Gaynor


Sarida Jarrett

Sarida Jarret

Senior Consultant

Patricia Gayle

Senior Consultant